I am proud to present those select guests who may enjoy a restful holiday, Villa Il Castello which is located at 1,000 m altitude amongst the pine forest mountain along the shore.

Location: Beycik Village, Bas Oren Mah. Kemer - Antalya - Turkey

Restaurant: Excellent mountain style decorated with stone walls. One of the key features is a fire place which adds to the atmosphere.

The views from the restaurant are exceptionally magnificent. The kitchen is well equipped and extremely clean. The kitchen staff are well trained and they only serve the private and select guests of the apartment suites. The breakfast is available until 10.30 am in an open buffet style and in the evenings 4 - 5 different meals are served.

Swimming Pool: The pool is well equipped with an integrated water fall feature. There are seats around the pool as well as sun lounges.

In addition to individuals, Villa Il Castello can cater for a specific groups on an exclusive and VIP basis. Due to its high standards and inspirational nature, professionals such as writers, actors, painters and managers have been staying at this venue.
It is possible to also travel to the site by a helicopter.

The Hotel has also a Tennisplace and Fitnessroom.

To those guests who would like to a have restful special vacation away from the crowd and the noise, we say Welcome to Villa Il Castello !